• Tom


Foremost, I would like to congratulate and thank all the members and well-wishers associate with the Tripura Art Society for the successful journey over the years and their ardent efforts which have enabled us to lead to great development of arts and crafts in the North-Eastern India.

As a Chairman, I would like to address the aims of Tripura Art Society through some pertaining questions like why children require art education and the necessity of enhancement of creative being in all. At primary level, child requires to take basic lessons in drawing for reasons like achieving a good handwriting, making of school projects, getting through technical fields like medical and engineering, or actually pursue future career as an artist (fine as well as commercial). Besides these, taking good art education also imparts in students immense patience, thinking and memorization powers, brings in them aesthetical values and preciseness.

Since primitive age, the first expression of human beings even before written language has been painting. Through art, we are able to enjoy the beauties in our surrounding with a vivid eye and develop our artistic minds if not and artistic hand. Through art, one can observe the mental and intellectual development of a child. The learning of drawing and painting enables the child to develop an out of box thinking, enhance his/her innovative mind and cease to be introvert. The child learns to express himself and at the same time learn to do them with great precision and technical advancement.

The lessons of art are thus essential. There are many international schools where painting is one of the vital subjects. We must begin training our children at a primary stage itself. We need your assistance and support to go ahead and do as suggested.